Biblical Hebrew – Level A

Get acquainted with basic features of Biblical Hebrew.



This course is for

Adult students of all ages (18 and above) who have no background in Hebrew.


One academic year.

Course structure and goals

The classes focus on reading the Hebrew Bible in its original language. During the course students learn the Hebrew alphabet and vowels, become familiar with the basic paradigms of Hebrew nouns and verbs and acquire 450 common Biblical Hebrew words. The grammatical topics are learned within the framework of famous biblical stories. The class meets once a week, and the students must complete homework assignments sent by the teacher after every meeting.

At the end of the course the student will

have a basic vocabulary of 450 common Biblical Hebrew words.
know how to read and pronounce the Biblical Hebrew letters and vowels.
know the basic paradigms of nouns and verbs.
know some basic syntactical features of the Biblical Hebrew.
know more about the original Hebrew meaning of the biblical stories.



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Academic Credit by the Hebrew University

The Hebrew University, in collaboration with eTeacher, will offer its very first credit online Biblical Hebrew courses to overseas students starting January 2010. In accordance with the University’s academic requirements the program includes obligatory attendance, paper submissions and examinations and will award students 3 credit points.


Course start date: Sun, 01/14/2018 - 01:00
Course end date: Fri, 09/28/2018 - 00:00


Below you can find just a few of the many expressions of positive feedback that our programs have received for this course

  •   The Classical Hebrew lesson was very welcoming and I look forward to learning my way through the biblical language. Our teacher is generous with her time which is a key to feeling comfortable in what can be a daunting process! 
    Walzer Audrey, USA
  •   I really enjoyed Biblical Hebrew Course A. I feel like I learned alot and progressed. Thank you Tania for being able to explain slowly and repeat things to clarify it.Iline Morrison 
    Morrison Iline, USA
  •   Excellent content and a patient teacher. I find the recorded lessons very helpful to listen to during the week. I am looking forward to more reading from the Torah. Todah rabah! marcella 
    Zygmunt Marcella, USA
  •   GREAT to be back!!!! I am so glad you offer this course! I'm loving it! Bonnie 
    Harvey Bonnie, USA
  •   I feel Sarah is a patient, caring teacher that can get information out in an organized, effective way. She is very willing to be of help during and outside of class. She seems to have a love for the language as well as teaching it. 
    McCabe Sandy, USA
  •   Thank you Daniel. The Hebrew lessons are very great. Be blessed and have a nice day. Shalom 
    Riak Shimon, Australia
  •   I feel fortunate to be learning from our professor She makes Hebrew come alive 
    Orr Doyle Jay, USA
  •   Sarah is a great teacher, she's exceptionally patient, and she does a very good job of encouraging her students - keep her around! 
    Boone Todd, USA
  •   I find Tania to be a very good instructor. I feel I am learning to recognize the letters and sounds. Even some of the words. She is very patient and easy to listen to. Thank you.Gordon Rothenburger 
    Rothenburger Gordon, Canada
  •   Curt is very good at answering our questions and teaching at apace that we can understand and get a good basis in beganningHebrew. 
    Chappell George, USA
  •   Jonah is an excellent instructor. I greatly appreciate his patience with his studentsThe lessons are well done and broken down into understandable ''bites. Thank you very much 
    Revennaugh Sharon, USA
  •   Tania is very patient and positive.When I listen to the recorded lesson I am amazed we{the students} sound like 1st graders.Which I guess we are. So thank goodness, when she corrects us, it is in a very kind way.Christine 
    Pachla Christine, USA
  •   Sarah Baker is particularly friendly, kind, and completes each lesson fully. Her classes have been enjoyable and she makes each student feel good about their participation. 
    Hendry Thomas, USA
  •   I Very much enjoyed my instructor and he went at a perfect pace... 
    Overstreet Dr. Edna, USA
  •   The lesson was very enjoyable. I really LOVED the recordings of the aleph bet done in the past. Thank you Yonah . 
    Boom Ebbie, USA
  •   class was great I really enjoyed it! 
    Tate J.R., USA
  •   He's a wonderful teacher and I have a good basis for continuing this most captivating study. I love david. I'd rather have Ziva David, but I love David. Shalom 
    Downey Neil, USA
  •   excellent explanation of construct change and the four rules 
    Bennett Don, USA